Does your sectional sofa constantly slide apart? Forget ineffective furniture grippers or expensive bracket connectors with complicated installation instructions. Couch Clamp™ is the simple solution in preventing sectional sofas from separating. By placing the band around the legs of your modular or L-shaped sofa, your couch will never slide apart again. Couch Clamp’s time-tested durable rubber surface grips the legs of your couch, keeping it in place and attached at all times. Couch Clamp™ is a simple, inexpensive, quick, innovative and highly effective tool to keep your sectional sofa connected. It’s time to put a stop to your frustration. Keep your sofa in place at all times with Couch Clamp™.

Problem: Sectional furniture tends to slide apart (especially on hardwood floors), making for uncomfortable seating arrangements.

Sectional sofa sliding apart image

Solution: Couch Clamp™: Bind your sectional furniture legs together once and for all.

Couch Clamp connecting sofa legs image

Why Couch Clamp™?

  • Won’t damage furniture
  • Most affordable sectional solution in the world
  • Fits round, square, triangle, and most tapered legs
  • Durability which will continue to work for years
  • Nearly invisible once installed
  • Can be installed or removed in seconds
  • Thousands of happy users globally
  • It just works!

Sectional sofa connected together image

Couch Clamp™ is available at the lowest price at

Un-stretched circumference: 10 inches
Fully stretched circumference: 35+ inches

Other options, such as installing carpeting or purchasing new furniture, can be unsightly and expensive, leaving you with less-than-stellar results. Couch Clamp™ is every sectional’s inexpensive, undetectable and flawless solution. Sold in packs of 4. Order now!

Couch Clamp™ is also sold on Etsy, Amazon and eBay.

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See the Couch Clamp™ in action:

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